About Jaroma Tea

‘In the world of tea, there is a universe to explore. Each tea leaf holds a story, waiting for us to discover its unique flavours and aromas.’- Unknown

Jaroma Tea mission

Elevating Wellness Through Exquisite Tea Experiences

At Jaroma Tea, our mission is to inspire a transformative journey towards wellness and refined taste, catering to the evolving desires of the modern tea enthusiast. We are dedicated to those seeking to redefine their lifestyle choices, offering an exclusive collection of rare, vibrant, and full-bodied tea blends that invigorate the senses and nourish the soul.

Recognizing the timeless appeal of tradition, we also curate a selection of classic herbal and traditional tea blends, ensuring every preference is met with unparalleled quality and authenticity. Whether you're in pursuit of something distinctively bold or comfortingly familiar, Jaroma Tea promises a perfect match for every moment, every mood.

Join us on this flavourful adventure, where each cup is a step towards a more wholesome, invigorated, and harmonious lifestyle.



Meet Tanja


I’m Tanja, the founder of Jaroma Tea and creator of your aromatic tea blend.

When my daughter was born, my life changed forever and I began a process of lifestyle transformation. I could never find a drink that was not only healthy but also enjoyable and enhance my mood, no matter the time of day.

Using my passion for art and beauty, I started to combine herbs and dried fruits to create new blends that are wonderfully aromatic, bring an abundance of health benefits, and are aesthetically pleasing.

The Jaroma Tea story is deeply rooted in the ancient ritual of tea-brewing and each cup is to be savoured and enjoyed. Discover new blends and fragrances, and make tea part of your routine so you can take a moment either for yourself, or with friends and family.

A beautiful blue butterfly pea flower ice tea.

Tea anyone?

Are you bored with drinking water during fitness challenges?

Looking for an aromatic tea after a relaxing massage?

Or perhaps something fancy for iced tea or a unique mocktail?

Jaroma tea opens a whole new world of rare tea blends.